28 Frame Extractor



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For the smaller commercial operation the 28 frame extractor includes the extractor and racks and drip pans on both sides for full and empty frames.   The system works in line just like our larger systems.   The uncapper feeds the frames out onto the loading rack where they can be pushed into the reel of the extractor.  As full frames are pushed into the reel the empty frames from the last cycle are pushed out onto the unloading racks where they can be unloaded in box fulls.  The honey from the frames in the loading rack runs back to the cappings auger which conveys the honey and cappings from the uncapper and drip pan to a Maxant jr spinner.

The 28 Frame Extractor is 13′ long 52″ wide

The 28 frame will require 1 regular 115 volt plug for each of the Extractor, Uncapper, Hot Water System, Pump, and Maxant Jr Spinners.