60 Frame Non-Air Extractor



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A more economic, but still highly efficient option the non-air version of the 60 frame is a perfect entry level machine for a growing operation.  Rather than using pneumatic assists the hood for the machine is opened and closed by hand, the frames are pushed into the reel with a crank apparatus, the gates are operated with a lever and the brake is foot operated.

These machines are highly sought after in the used market making them an easy investment for small commercial operations hoping to grow large enough to need larger machines.  Rather than struggling with inefficient extracting systems until a company is large enough for a 120 frame extractor a company can more wisely invest in one of these.

Many smaller beekeepers don’t realize it, but a more efficient extracting operation can help the company grow; extracting the honey faster means that those same honey supers can be used again on the same honey flow resulting in lower numbers of honey supers required per hive so that the investment needed for extra supers can used elsewhere.

45″ High
19′ Long
77″ Wide

Optional equipment such as Uncappers, Augers, DeBoxers, Sumps, Etc. not include

The power required for the 60 non air are 2 110v 15a circuits.