Cowen ManufacturingHoney Extractors

We have built uncappers and extracting systems for all types and sizes of beekeeping operations around the world. John’s son, Dave Cowen joined the company in 1973, assuming a leadership position in production and product development. In 1977, the company was awarded a gold medal for its extracting system at the International Bee Congress in Adelaide, Australia.

In recent years, Dave’s sons Joshua and Nathan have come along side their father bringing innovative ideas, including fully automated equipment lines for the commercial beekeeper. They are continually updating and modernizing all of our equipment, in addition to bringing new ideas to life. They have expanded the company to provide water jet cutting and other machine services available to the Southern Utah area.

Cowen Manufacturing ships equipment around the world, including Sweden, Israel, Argentina, France, Australia, Mexico, Chile, and the major markets United States and Canada.

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