120 Frame Air Ram Extractor



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The Cowen 120 Frame Air-Ram Extractor is a two-to-three-person operation capable of extracting up to 72-75 full-depth supers per hour, 576-600 per 8 hour day, some have done more.

After being uncapped, the combs travel along a 15-foot conveyor, with drip pan, toward the stainless steel extracting tank. The conveyor accommodates one full extractor load of 120 frames. With the aid of a lever operated air-ram, the uncapped combs are pushed from the loading section of the conveyor into the stainless steel extractor reel. At the same time, the empty combs will be pushed out of the reel and onto one of the two air operated, chain-driven unloading conveyors. The four-sided stainless steel reel accommodates 120 combs per load. An air-ram driven brake adds to the simplicity of the loading/unloading process by holding the reel in place while the combs are being pushed through. In just minutes, one batch of frames will be unloaded and another batch of full frames will simultaneously be made ready for the extracting process. While the extractor is spinning, the Uncapper operator can re-load the loading conveyor by uncapping another 120 frames with the Cowen Uncapper. The honey outlet at the base of the extractor tank is a four-inch stainless steel fitting.

The120 Frame Extractor, the Cowen Uncapper and the Cowen Automatic De-Boxer work together to provide an optimal working environment for more efficient honey production.

Due to the size of components and assembly required for this system, shipment by commercial truck is not recommended. Arrangements can be made for pickup or delivery when the order is placed.

Cowen 120 Frame Extractor Dimensions:

* Conveyor- 18′ Long 26″ wide 54″ high.
Extractor- 12′┬áLong 60″ wide 58″ high.
Overall length of system: 30 ft. 1/2 in.

The power required for the 120 Frame Air-Ram Extractor is 40 amps 230 volt single phase.