The Cowen Uncapper



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The Cowen Uncapper is the most practical Uncapper available to the commercial honey producer. This Uncapper will uncap 15 combs per minute or 90 supers per hour. The stand accommodates 35 uncapped combs.

The automatic feeder facilitates combs being evenly admitted by tension, feeding each comb into the machine. The Cowen Uncapper reduces comb breakage through an improved feeding system. The feeder chain will hold up to 10 frames at a time. A shallow feeder attachment is available to make easy conversions from deep to shallow frames.

Chain lugs are used to secure combs as they are pushed through the knives. The Knives and gearbox are driven by a 3/4 HP, 1725 RPM, thermally protected capacitor motor.

Constructed entirely of stainless steel, it will be indispensable to any large honey operation.

Simplicity and efficiency best describe this amazing machine.

* Stainless steel knives, channels, shafts and crossbars.
* Stainless Steel sprockets and chains.
* On-off-reversing switch that stops machine instantly.
* Adjustable slip clutch.
* Knives heated by hot water or steam.
* Knife handle allows instant adjustment of cutting depth

The Cowen Uncapper can be built for 115 or 230 volts.