Silver Queen Uncapper                                                                            $6,150.00

Cowen Uncapper$8,850.00

Cowen 28 Frame Extractor (Stainless Steel)* $9,800.00

Cowen 60 Frame Extractor (Stainless Steel)* $17,443.00

Cowen 60 Frame Extractor with Air Features (Stainless Steel)* $23,543.00

Cowen 120 Frame Extractor with Air Features (Stainless Steel)* $45,850.00

Cowen Wax Recovery System$30,000.00

5 ft. Stainless Steel Auger$3,995.00

Wax Collection System$4,870.00

Cowen Automatic DeBoxer$4,928.00

Cowen Wax Cappings Spinner (Stainless Steel)$9,100.00

Honey Sump* * P.O.R.

Honey Pump 2″ Gear Pump$4,285.00

Honey Pump 2.5″ Progressive Cavity$5,241.00

Honey Pump 3″ Progressive Cavity$6,150.00

Honey Pump 3″ Progressive Cavity (Stainless Steel)$7,990.00

Bachelo Super Lift$2,850.00

9 Frame Grabber$650.00

Hot Water Supply Unit$1,150.00

Conveyor including Drip Tray$5,100.00

Drip Pan for Regular Stand/Deflector$650.00

Stainless Steel Box Conveyor$8,050.00

Stainless Steel Box Conveyor Roller Extension (Gravity)$1,325.00

Overhead Empty Box Return Conveyor 60 Frame$4,300.00

10′ Empty Box Return Conveyor (Floor)$1100.00

Uncapper Stand$550.00

Shipping Crate for Uncapper (Overseas)$200.00

Shipping Crate for Cowen 60 Frame Extractor$650.00

Shipping Crate for Augers and Conveyors$350.00

Shipping Crate for Spinners$550.00

Prices do not include freight.
All Prices quoted are in U.S. Dollars
F.O.B Parowan, Utah
These prices are effective December 2010
All prices are subject to change without notice.* Price does not include optional equipment such as
Uncappers, Augers, DeBoxers, Sumps, Etc.* * Price on Request